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 NasmjitRoot namespace used by AsmJit
 Na64AArch64 backend
 NarmAPI shared between AArch32 & AArch64 backends
 NGlobalsContains typedefs, constants, and variables used globally by AsmJit
 NSupportContains support classes and functions that may be used by AsmJit source and header files
 NTypeProvides type identifiers that can be used in templates instead of native types
 NTypeUtilsType identifier utilities
 NVirtMemVirtual memory management
 Nx86X86/X64 API
 CAddressTableEntryEntry in an address table
 CAlignNodeAlign directive (BaseBuilder)
 CArchTraitsArchitecture traits used by Function API and Compiler's register allocator
 CBaseAssemblerBase assembler
 CBaseBuilderBuilder interface
 CBaseCompilerCode emitter that uses virtual registers and performs register allocation
 CBaseEmitterProvides a base foundation to emitting code - specialized by BaseAssembler and BaseBuilder
 CBaseInstInstruction id, options, and extraReg in a single structure
 CBaseMemBase class for all memory operands
 CBaseNodeBase node
 CBaseRegPhysical or virtual register operand (base)
 CBaseRegListList of physical registers (base)
 CCallConvFunction calling convention
 CCodeBufferCode or data buffer
 CCodeHolderHolds assembled code and data (including sections, labels, and relocation information)
 CCommentNodeComment node
 CConstPoolConstant pool
 CConstPoolNodeA node that wraps ConstPool
 CCpuFeaturesCPU features information
 CCpuInfoCPU information
 CEmbedDataNodeEmbed data node
 CEmbedLabelDeltaNodeLabel data node
 CEmbedLabelNodeLabel data node
 CEnvironmentRepresents an environment, which is usually related to a Target
 CErrorHandlerError handler can be used to override the default behavior of error handling
 CExpressionExpression node that can reference constants, labels, and another expressions
 CFileLoggerLogger that can log to a FILE*
 CFixedStringFixed string - only useful for strings that would never exceed N - 1 characters; always null-terminated
 CFormatOptionsFormatting options used by Logger and Formatter
 CFuncArgsAssignmentA helper class that can be used to assign a physical register for each function argument
 CFuncDetailFunction detail - CallConv and expanded FuncSignature
 CFuncFrameFunction frame
 CFuncNodeFunction node represents a function used by BaseCompiler
 CFuncPassFunction pass extends Pass with FuncPass::runOnFunction()
 CFuncRetNodeFunction return, used by BaseCompiler
 CFuncSignatureFunction signature
 CFuncValueArgument or return value (or its part) as defined by FuncSignature, but with register or stack address (and other metadata) assigned
 CFuncValuePackContains multiple FuncValue instances in an array so functions that use multiple registers for arguments or return values can represent all inputs and outputs
 CImmImmediate operands are encoded with instruction data
 CInstNodeInstruction node
 CInstNodeWithOperandsInstruction node with embedded operands following InstNode layout
 CInstRWInfoRead/Write information of an instruction
 CInvokeNodeFunction invocation, used by BaseCompiler
 CJitAllocatorA simple implementation of memory manager that uses asmjit::VirtMem functions to manage virtual memory for JIT compiled code
 CJitRuntimeJIT execution runtime is a special Target that is designed to store and execute a generated code
 CJumpAnnotationJump annotation used to annotate jumps
 CJumpNodeJump instruction with JumpAnnotation
 CLabelLabel (jump target or data location)
 CLabelEntryLabel entry
 CLabelLinkData structure used to link either unbound labels or cross-section links
 CLabelNodeLabel node
 CLoggerLogging interface
 CNodeListNode list
 COffsetFormatProvides information about formatting offsets, absolute addresses, or their parts
 COperandBase class representing an operand in AsmJit (default constructed version)
 COperand_Base class representing an operand in AsmJit (non-default constructed version)
 COperandSignatureOperand signature is a 32-bit number describing Operand and some of its payload
 COpRWInfoRead/Write information related to a single operand, used by InstRWInfo
 CPassPass can be used to implement code transformations, analysis, and lowering
 CRegOnlyRegOnly is 8-byte version of BaseReg that allows to store either register or nothing
 CRelocEntryRelocation entry
 CSectionSection entry
 CSectionNodeSection node
 CSentinelNodeSentinel node
 CStringA simple non-reference counted string that uses small string optimization (SSO)
 CStringLoggerLogger that stores everything in an internal string buffer
 CStringTmpTemporary string builder, has statically allocated N bytes
 CTargetTarget is an abstract class that describes a machine code target
 CVirtRegVirtual register data, managed by BaseCompiler
 CZoneZone memory
 CZoneAllocatorZone-based memory allocator that uses an existing Zone and provides a release() functionality on top of it
 CZoneBitVectorZone-allocated bit vector
 CZoneHashLow-level hash table specialized for storing string keys and POD values
 CZoneHashBaseBase class used by ZoneHash template
 CZoneHashNodeNode used by ZoneHash template
 CZoneListZone allocated list container that uses nodes of NodeT type
 CZoneListNodeNode used by ZoneList template
 CZoneStackZone allocated stack container
 CZoneStackBaseBase class used by ZoneStack
 CZoneStringA string template that can be zone allocated
 CZoneStringBaseA helper class used by ZoneString implementation
 CZoneTmpZone with N bytes of a static storage, used for the initial block
 CZoneTreeNodeRB-Tree node
 CZoneTreeNodeTRB-Tree node casted to NodeT
 CZoneVectorTemplate used to store and manage array of Zone allocated data
 CZoneVectorBaseBase class used by ZoneVector template