asmjit::a64::EmitterExplicitT< This > Struct Template Reference

template<typename This>
struct asmjit::a64::EmitterExplicitT< This >

ARM emitter.

NOTE: This class cannot be instantiated, you can only cast to it and use it as emitter that emits to either Assembler, Builder, or Compiler (use withcaution with Compiler as it expects virtual registers to be used).

Member Functions

General Purpose Instructions
ARMv8.4 Instructions
ARMv8.5 Instructions
Branch Instructions
Load & Store Instructions
CRC Instructions (ARMv8.1-A, optional in ARMv8.0-A)
MTE Instructions
Hint Instructions
SIMD & FP Instructions
AES Instructions
SHA1 Instructions
SHA2 Instructions
RDMA Instructions (ARMv8.1-A)
FCMA Instruction (ARMv8.3-A)
FJCVTZS Instruction (ARMv8.3-A)
FP16FML Instructions (ARMv8.4-A, optional in ARMv8.2-A)
SHA3 Instructions (ARMv8.4-A, optional in ARMv8.2-A)
SHA512 Instructions (ARMv8.4-A)
SM3 Instructions (ARMv8.4-A)
SM4 Instructions (ARMv8.4-A)
DOTPROD Instructions (ARMv8.4-A, optional in ARMv8.2-A)
BF16 Instructions (ARMv8.6-A)
I8MM Instructions (ARMv8.6-A)

Protected Member Functions