asmjit::x86::EmitterExplicitT< This > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for asmjit::x86::EmitterExplicitT< This >:
asmjit::x86::EmitterImplicitT< This >

template<typename This>
struct asmjit::x86::EmitterExplicitT< This >

Emitter (X86 - explicit).

Member Functions

Native Registers
Native Pointers
Short/Long Form Options
Encoding Options
Prefix Options
REX Options
VEX and EVEX Options
AVX-512 Options & Masking
Core Instructions
Deprecated 32-bit Instructions
ENTER/LEAVE Instructions
IN/OUT Instructions
Clear/Set CF/DF Instructions
LAHF/SAHF Instructions
ADX Instructions
LZCNT/POPCNT Instructions
BMI Instructions
BMI2 Instructions
TBM Instructions
CRC32 Instructions (SSE4.2)
MOVBE Instructions
MOVDIRI & MOVDIR64B Instructions
MXCSR Instructions (SSE)
FENCE Instructions (SSE and SSE2)
PREFETCH Instructions
CPUID Instruction
CacheLine Instructions
SERIALIZE Instruction
RDPID Instruction
RDPRU/RDPKRU Instructions
RDTSC/RDTSCP Instructions
Other User-Mode Instructions
FSGSBASE Instructions
FXSR Instructions
XSAVE Instructions
MPX Extensions
MONITORX Instructions
MCOMMIT Instruction
PTWRITE Instruction
ENQCMD Instructions
WAITPKG Instructions
RDRAND & RDSEED Instructions
LWP Instructions
RTM & TSX Instructions
TSXLDTRK Instructions
CET-IBT Instructions
CET-SS Instructions
HRESET Instructions
UINTR Instructions
Core Privileged Instructions
MONITOR Instructions (Privileged)
SMAP Instructions (Privileged)
SKINIT Instructions (Privileged)
SNP Instructions (Privileged)
VMX Instructions (All privileged except vmfunc)
SVM Instructions (All privileged except vmmcall)
FPU Instructions
MMX & SSE+ Instructions
3DNOW and GEODE Instructions (Deprecated)
EMMS/FEMMS Instructions
AESNI Instructions
SHA Instructions
GFNI Instructions
AVX, FMA, and AVX512 Instructions