asmjit::ZoneVectorBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for asmjit::ZoneVectorBase:
asmjit::ZoneVector< T > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::BaseEmitter * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::JumpAnnotation * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::LabelEntry * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::LabelNode * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::Pass * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::RelocEntry * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::Section * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::SectionNode * > asmjit::ZoneVector< asmjit::VirtReg * > asmjit::ZoneVector< uint32_t >

Base class used by ZoneVector template.

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Construction & Destruction

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Creates a new instance of ZoneVectorBase.

Member Function Documentation

bool ZoneVectorBase::empty() constnoexcept

Tests whether the vector is empty.

size_type ZoneVectorBase::size() constnoexcept

Returns the vector size.

size_type ZoneVectorBase::capacity() constnoexcept

Returns the vector capacity.

void ZoneVectorBase::clear()noexcept

Makes the vector empty (won't change the capacity or data pointer).

void ZoneVectorBase::reset()noexcept

Resets the vector data and set its size to zero.

void ZoneVectorBase::truncate(size_type n)noexcept

Truncates the vector to at most n items.

void ZoneVectorBase::_setSize(size_type n)noexcept

Sets size of the vector to n. Used internally by some algorithms.

Member Data Documentation

void* ZoneVectorBase::_data = nullptr

Vector data (untyped).

size_type ZoneVectorBase::_size = 0

Size of the vector.

size_type ZoneVectorBase::_capacity = 0

Capacity of the vector.