asmjit::InstNodeWithOperands< kN > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for asmjit::InstNodeWithOperands< kN >:
asmjit::InstNode asmjit::BaseNode
template<uint32_t kN>
class asmjit::InstNodeWithOperands< kN >

Instruction node with embedded operands following InstNode layout.

This is used to make tools such as static analysis and compilers happy about the layout. There were two instruction nodes in the past, having the second extend the operand array of the first, but that has caused undefined behavior and made recent tools unhappy about that.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<uint32_t kN>
InstNodeWithOperands<kN>::InstNodeWithOperands(BaseBuilder* cb, InstId instId, InstOptions options, uint32_t opCount)noexcept◆ 

Creates a new InstNodeWithOperands instance.