asmjit::ZoneHashBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for asmjit::ZoneHashBase:
asmjit::ZoneHash< NodeT > asmjit::ZoneHash< asmjit::LabelEntry >

Base class used by ZoneHash template.

Public Members

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Construction & Destruction

Member Data Documentation

ZoneHashNode** ZoneHashBase::_data

Buckets data.

size_t ZoneHashBase::_size

Count of records inserted into the hash table.

uint32_t ZoneHashBase::_bucketsCount

Count of hash buckets.

uint32_t ZoneHashBase::_bucketsGrow

When buckets array should grow (only checked after insertion).

uint32_t ZoneHashBase::_rcpValue

Reciprocal value of _bucketsCount.

uint8_t ZoneHashBase::_rcpShift

How many bits to shift right when hash is multiplied with _rcpValue.

uint8_t ZoneHashBase::_primeIndex

Prime value index in internal prime array.

ZoneHashNode* ZoneHashBase::_embedded[1]

Embedded data, used by empty hash tables.