Community Support

AsmJit is an open source project available on GitHub under asmjit organization. The development is open and anyone is welcome to join. Bugs and feature requests can either be discussed on our gitter channel or filled under issues on the project page. If you have found a security vulnerability it's strongly advised to contact AsmJit authors directly. You can also contact AsmJit authors if you have questions regarding the project or if you would like to get involved.

Public Channels

  • Gitter Channel - AsmJit channel on Gitter where you can meet AsmJit authors, contributors, and users.
  • Twitter - Follow AsmJit's author on Twitter to get the latest news about AsmJit and related projects.

AsmJit Development

Breaking Changes

Continuous Integration


  • Petr Kobalicek's GitHub Sponsors Account can be used to support the development and maintenance of AsmJit.
  • Let us know whether you would like to use a different donation platform or a direct wire transfer instead.
  • Leading sponsors are listed on AsmJit's main page.

Commercial Support

AsmJit is a stable open-source project that simply does what its users expect it to do. This means that the community support is sufficient most of the time although it doesn't guarantee fast response time. Companies that use AsmJit in their commercial product may consider either donating or buying a commercial support to boost the development of AsmJit. Commercial support is negotiated individually.


  • Petr Kobalicek - AsmJit founder and lead developer, a contact person responsible for community support, commercial support, new feature development, and sponsorship.