asmjit::InvokeNode::OperandPack Struct Reference

Operand pack provides multiple operands that can be associated with a single return value of function argument.

Sometimes this is necessary to express an argument or return value that requires multiple registers, for example 64-bit value in 32-bit mode or passing / returning homogeneous data structures.

Public Members

Member Functions

Member Function Documentation

void InvokeNode::OperandPack::reset()noexcept◆ 

Reset the pack by resetting all operands in the pack.

Operand& InvokeNode::OperandPack::operator[](size_t valueIndex)noexcept[1/2]◆ 

Returns an operand at the given valueIndex.

const Operand& InvokeNode::OperandPack::operator[](size_t valueIndex) constnoexcept[2/2]◆ 

Returns an operand at the given valueIndex (const).

Member Data Documentation

Operand_ InvokeNode::OperandPack::_data[Globals::kMaxValuePack]◆