asmjit::FuncArgsAssignment Class Reference

A helper class that can be used to assign a physical register for each function argument.

Use with BaseEmitter::emitArgsAssignment().

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Construction & Destruction

Member Function Documentation

Error FuncArgsAssignment::updateFuncFrame(FuncFrame& frame) constnoexcept

Update FuncFrame based on function's arguments assignment.

You MUST call this in orher to use BaseEmitter::emitArgsAssignment(), otherwise the FuncFrame would not contain the information necessary to assign all arguments into the registers and/or stack specified.

Member Data Documentation

const FuncDetail* FuncArgsAssignment::_funcDetail

Function detail.

uint8_t FuncArgsAssignment::_saRegId

Register that can be used to access arguments passed by stack.

uint8_t FuncArgsAssignment::_reserved[3]

Reserved for future use.

FuncValuePack FuncArgsAssignment::_argPacks[Globals::kMaxFuncArgs]

Mapping of each function argument.