asmjit::FormatOptions Class Reference

Formatting options used by Logger and Formatter.

Public Members


Member Functions


Member Function Documentation

void FormatOptions::reset()noexcept

Resets FormatOptions to its default initialized state.

FormatFlags FormatOptions::flags() constnoexcept

Returns format flags.

bool FormatOptions::hasFlag(FormatFlags flag) constnoexcept

Tests whether the given flag is set in format flags.

void FormatOptions::setFlags(FormatFlags flags)noexcept

Resets all format flags to flags.

void FormatOptions::addFlags(FormatFlags flags)noexcept

Adds flags to format flags.

void FormatOptions::clearFlags(FormatFlags flags)noexcept

Removes flags from format flags.

uint8_t FormatOptions::indentation(FormatIndentationGroup group) constnoexcept

Returns indentation for the given indentation group.

void FormatOptions::setIndentation(FormatIndentationGroup group, uint32_t n)noexcept

Sets indentation for the given indentation group.

void FormatOptions::resetIndentation(FormatIndentationGroup group)noexcept

Resets indentation for the given indentation group to zero.

size_t FormatOptions::padding(FormatPaddingGroup group) constnoexcept

Returns pading for the given padding group.

void FormatOptions::setPadding(FormatPaddingGroup group, size_t n)noexcept

Sets pading for the given padding group.

void FormatOptions::resetPadding(FormatPaddingGroup group)noexcept

Resets pading for the given padding group to zero, which means that a default padding will be used based on the target architecture properties.

Member Data Documentation

FormatFlags FormatOptions::_flags = FormatFlags::kNone

Format flags.

Support::Array<uint8_t, uint32_t(FormatIndentationGroup::kMaxValue) + 1>FormatOptions::_indentation {}

Indentations for each indentation group.

Support::Array<uint16_t, uint32_t(FormatPaddingGroup::kMaxValue) + 1>FormatOptions::_padding {}

Paddings for each padding group.