asmjit::Operand Class Reference
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asmjit::Operand_ asmjit::BaseMem asmjit::BaseReg asmjit::Imm asmjit::Label asmjit::arm::Mem asmjit::x86::Mem asmjit::arm::Reg asmjit::x86::Reg asmjit::arm::Gp asmjit::arm::Vec asmjit::x86::Bnd asmjit::x86::CReg asmjit::x86::DReg asmjit::x86::Gp asmjit::x86::KReg asmjit::x86::Mm asmjit::x86::Rip asmjit::x86::SReg asmjit::x86::St asmjit::x86::Tmm asmjit::x86::Vec

Base class representing an operand in AsmJit (default constructed version).

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Construction & Destruction
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Creates kOpNone operand having all members initialized to zero.

Operand::Operand(const Operand& other)constexprdefaultnoexcept[2/5]

Creates a cloned other operand.

Operand::Operand(const Operand_& other)constexprexplicit[3/5]

Creates a cloned other operand.

Operand::Operand(Globals::Init_, const Signature& u0, uint32_t u1, uint32_t u2, uint32_t u3)constexprnoexcept[4/5]

Creates an operand initialized to raw [u0, u1, u2, u3] values.


Creates an uninitialized operand (dangerous).

Member Function Documentation

Operand Operand::clone() constconstexprnoexcept

Clones this operand and returns its copy.