asmjit::JitAllocator::WriteScope Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for asmjit::JitAllocator::WriteScope:

Write scope can be used to create a single scope that is optimized for writing multiple spans.

Member Functions

Construction & Destruction

Member Function Documentation

Error JitAllocator::WriteScope::write(Span& span, size_t offset, const void* src, size_t size)noexcept[1/3]◆ 

Similar to JitAllocator::write(span, offset, src, size), but under a write scope.

Error JitAllocator::WriteScope::write(Span& span, WriteFunc writeFunc, void* userData)noexcept[2/3]◆ 

Similar to JitAllocator::write(span, writeFunc, userData), but under a write scope.

template<class Lambda>
Error JitAllocator::WriteScope::write(Span& span, Lambda&& lambdaFunc)noexcept[3/3]◆ 

Similar to JitAllocator::write(span, <lambda>), but under a write scope.

Error JitAllocator::WriteScope::flush()noexcept◆ 

Flushes accumulated changes in this write scope.