asmjit::SentinelNode Class Reference

Sentinel node.

Sentinel is a marker that is completely ignored by the code builder. It's used to remember a position in a code as it never gets removed by any pass.

Public Types

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Member Functions

Construction & Destruction
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Member Enumeration Documentation

SentinelNode::SentinelType : uint32_tenum

Type of the sentinel (purery informative purpose).


Type of the sentinel is not known.


This is a sentinel used at the end of FuncNode.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SentinelNode::SentinelNode(BaseBuilder* cb, uint32_t sentinelType = kSentinelUnknown)noexcept

Creates a new SentinelNode instance.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t SentinelNode::sentinelType() constnoexcept

Returns the type of the sentinel.

void SentinelNode::setSentinelType(uint32_t type)noexcept

Sets the type of the sentinel.