asmjit::arm::Shift Class Reference

Represents ARM immediate shift operation type and value.

Public Members

Member Functions

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Default constructed Shift is not initialized.

arm::Shift::Shift(const Shift& other)constexprdefaultnoexcept[2/3]

Copy constructor (default)

arm::Shift::Shift(ShiftOp op, uint32_t value)constexprnoexcept[3/3]

Constructs Shift from operation op and shift value.

Member Function Documentation

ShiftOp arm::Shift::op() constconstexprnoexcept

Returns the shift operation.

void arm::Shift::setOp(ShiftOp op)noexcept

Sets shift operation to op.

uint32_t arm::Shift::value() constconstexprnoexcept

Returns the shift smount.

void arm::Shift::setValue(uint32_t value)noexcept

Sets shift amount to value.

Member Data Documentation

ShiftOp arm::Shift::_op

Shift operation.

uint32_t arm::Shift::_value

Shift Value.