asmjit::StringLogger Class Reference
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Logger that stores everything in an internal string buffer.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Create new StringLogger.


Destroys the StringLogger.

Member Function Documentation

String& StringLogger::content()noexcept[1/2]◆ 

Returns the content of the logger as String.

It can be moved, if desired.

const String& StringLogger::content() constnoexcept[2/2]◆ 

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

const char* StringLogger::data() constnoexcept◆ 

Returns aggregated logger data as char* pointer.

The pointer is owned by StringLogger, it can't be modified or freed.

size_t StringLogger::dataSize() constnoexcept◆ 

Returns size of the data returned by data().

void StringLogger::clear()noexcept◆ 

Clears the accumulated logger data.

Error StringLogger::_log(const char* data, size_t size = SIZE_MAX)overridenoexcept◆ 

Logs str - must be reimplemented.

The function can accept either a null terminated string if size is SIZE_MAX or a non-null terminated string of the given size. The function cannot assume that the data is null terminated and must handle non-null terminated inputs.

Reimplemented from asmjit::Logger.

Member Data Documentation

String StringLogger::_content◆ 

Logger data as string.