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AsmJit library uses one global namespace called asmjit, which provides the whole functionality. Core functionality is within asmjit namespace and arthitecture specific functionality is always in its own namespace. For example asmjit::x86 provides both 32-bit and 64-bit X86 code generation.

Documentation Groups

AsmJit documentation is structured into groups. Groups can be followed in order to learn AsmJit, but knowledge from multiple groups is required to use AsmJit properly:

It's important to understand that in order to learn AsmJit all groups are important. Some groups can be omitted if a particular tool is out of interest - for example Assembler users don't need to know about Builder, but it's not the opposite. Builder users must know about Assembler as it also uses operands, labels, and other concepts. Similarly Compiler users must know how both Assembler and Builder tools work.


The following steps are recommended for all AsmJit users:

The reason for using Logger and ErrorHandler is that they provide a very useful information about what's happening inside emitters. In many cases the information provided by these two is crucial to quickly fix issues that happen during development (for example wrong instruction, address, or register used). In addition, output from Logger is always necessary when filling bug reports. In other words, using logging and proper error handling can save a lot of time during the development.

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