asmjit::EmbedDataNode Class Reference

Embed data node.

Wraps .data directive. The node contains data that will be placed at the node's position in the assembler stream. The data is considered to be RAW; no analysis nor byte-order conversion is performed on RAW data.

Public Members

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Member Functions

Construction & Destruction
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EmbedDataNode::EmbedDataNode(BaseBuilder* cb)noexcept

Creates a new EmbedDataNode instance.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t EmbedDataNode::typeId() constnoexcept

Returns Type::Id of the data.

uint32_t EmbedDataNode::typeSize() constnoexcept

Returns the size of a single data element.

uint8_t* EmbedDataNode::data() constnoexcept

Returns a pointer to the data casted to uint8_t.

template<typename T>
T* EmbedDataNode::dataAs() constnoexcept

Returns a pointer to the data casted to T.

size_t EmbedDataNode::itemCount() constnoexcept

Returns the number of (typed) items in the array.

size_t EmbedDataNode::repeatCount() constnoexcept

Returns how many times the data is repeated (default 1).

Repeated data is useful when defining constants for SIMD, for example.

size_t EmbedDataNode::dataSize() constnoexcept

Returns the size of the data, not considering the number of times it repeats.

The returned value is the same as typeSize() * itemCount().