asmjit::DebugUtils Namespace Reference

Debugging utilities.


Function Documentation

Error DebugUtils::errored(Error err)constexprstaticconstexprnoexcept◆ 

Returns the error err passed.

Provided for debugging purposes. Putting a breakpoint inside errored can help with tracing the origin of any error reported / returned by AsmJit.

const char* DebugUtils::errorAsString(Error err)noexcept◆ 

Returns a printable version of asmjit::Error code.

void DebugUtils::debugOutput(const char* str)noexcept◆ 

Called to output debugging message(s).

void DebugUtils::assertionFailed(const char* file, int line, const char* msg)noexcept◆ 

Called on assertion failure.

fileSource file name where it happened.
lineLine in the source file.
msgMessage to display.

If you have problems with assertion failures a breakpoint can be put at assertionFailed() function (asmjit/core/globals.cpp). A call stack will be available when such assertion failure is triggered. AsmJit always returns errors on failures, assertions are a last resort and usually mean unrecoverable state due to out of range array access or totally invalid arguments like nullptr where a valid pointer should be provided, etc...