asmjit::FuncSignatureBuilder Class Reference
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Function signature builder.

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Initializtion & Reset
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Member Function Documentation

void FuncSignatureBuilder::setRet(TypeId retType)noexcept

Sets the return type to retType.

template<typename T>
void FuncSignatureBuilder::setRetT()noexcept

Sets the return type based on T.

void FuncSignatureBuilder::setArg(uint32_t index, TypeId argType)noexcept

Sets the argument at index index to argType.

template<typename T>
void FuncSignatureBuilder::setArgT(uint32_t index)noexcept

Sets the argument at index i to the type based on T.

void FuncSignatureBuilder::addArg(TypeId type)noexcept

Appends an argument of type to the function prototype.

template<typename T>
void FuncSignatureBuilder::addArgT()noexcept

Appends an argument of type based on T to the function prototype.